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You're going to love conquering closet chaos and turning clutter into cash with JBF OFB! 

**PLEASE NOTE: Sellers using our Valet Selling Service do NOT complete this registration. The Valet Selling Service has a separate registration. Click HERE to register for Valet Selling.**

  • Early Bird Seller Fee $10 register January 19-31st & SAVE!
    Seller Fee $15 register February 1st - March 20th
    Seller Fee $18 register March 21st - March 26th

Dropping Off Tagged Items

More Shoppers = Bigger Seller Check

The MORE You TELL, the MORE You SELL! 

Be sure to share JBF with friends and family, so they can get in on the great savings!

  • I would like to share free tickets with all the kids at my child's school. (You obtain permission from the school, and we will provide free tickets via pick up in September.)

  • I would like to share about the JBF sale on my social media platforms. (We will send you images and free ticket url in September.)

  • I would like to hand out 200 (or more!) free admission tickets to local families through my network (groups, childcare, friends, church, sports, etc). (We will give you free tickets via pick up in September.)

Picking Up Unsold Items

  • I will pick up my items between 2pm-6pm on Monday, April 1st. **Items not picked up by 6:01pm will be donated to our charity partners.**

  • I will pick up my items (not marked donate) between 2pm-6pm on Monday, April 1st. **Items not picked up by 6:01pm will be donated to our charity partners.**

  • ALL items are marked donate, and I will not be picking up.

Terms & Conditions

Pre-paid Seller Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable.

I am participating in the Spring & Summer 2024 Just Between Friends (JBF) O'Fallon/Belleville Consignment Sale as a seller. I am the owner of and have carefully inspected the items that I am consigning.

I understand and agree that JBF O'Fallon/Belleville and Just Between Friends Franchise Systems, Inc. are not responsible for fire, loss, theft or damage to the items I am consigning.

I understand that JBF is only a broker or agent for the Consignor. JBF has no obligation to pay for unsold items. Title possession remains with the Consignor.

I understand that I will be charged a $15 prepaid seller fee & earn 60% of my gross sales received by JBF for the items I offer for sale. (70% if I help 4 hours at this sale.)

I understand JBF will sell the items I am consigning for the price listed on the barcode tags I have created. I understand that the price sold will be controlled by the printed tag attached to the item & not any subsequent changes online.

I understand if my item is marked full price, it will only be sold at full price; if my item is marked to reduce, it will be discounted during Half Price Early Shopping and on Half Price Day. Donates will be reduced to 75% off during the 75% Off Donate Shopping.

I verify that no item I am consigning is the subject of any current, pending or threatened recall notice according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Each item is clean, in good operating condition & is not defective, broken or damaged in any way. If any item is purchased and returned because it is defective, is missing parts or does not work, I will not be paid any amount for the sale of that item.

I understand that I may incur additional fees if I have more than 5 items pulled from the racks during inspection for quality. I will be charged $0.50 per item pulled for not meeting JBF quality standards. I understand if an item is returned due to missing parts, not working, etc, I will be charged a $10 return fee.

I understand that unsold items that are NOT marked DONATE will be sorted to the first letter of my consignor number. I will be responsible for picking up my items from 2-6pm on Monday, April 1st.

I understand that by appearing in a public venue as a shopper or consignor, JBF has my permission to use my image in any JBF publicity avenue they choose. I may verbally request to not be photographed at the Sale.

I understand that the email address listed in my JBF Profile will be used to issue my consignor payment. If you bank with Navy Credit Union & need a paper check, please email [email protected].


Seller Billing Information

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
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